Take dress for rent and spend more money for party!

When you hire a wedding or evening dress with a Magic Day Rental Service we ensure you that you look 'like a million dollars'. Our mission is to give you access to a dream wardrobe without the nightmare price tag, through designer dress hire. Now you donít need to carry a heavy dress across the whole world, all you need is to come in to the Magic Day Rental Service and try your dream dress for free. Leave all your requests to us! Let us take care of the ironing and washing. Whether you are looking for a wedding dress, evening dress or what to wear to the photo shoot, everything will be simple, premium and beautiful.

#1You donít need to carry a heavy dress through thousands of miles!

#2You donít worry about ironing and washing the dress!

#3You do not need to pay for fitting dresses!

#4You can use the most of our dress in the water and on the send!

#5You can take more than one and get discount!

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